About me

I’m Amandine a photographer and stylist based in the French countrysideHello there and welcome, 

I’m Amandine a photographer, food stylist and passionate cook based in the French countryside.  I live in a little town near the Brittany coastline, and I create, cook and shoot in my messy kitchen. Most of the time it looks like a joyful chaos, between dirty pans, vintage props, aromatic plants and cookbooks, soooo many cookbooks! 

I get my inspiration from what I see all around me, the fresh products I saw at the farmer market (when I manage to wake up early on Sunday mornings), the plants I saw during a walk in the forest, a recipe scribbled on a yellowed piece of paper by my grandmother, the fruits and vegetables in my tiny garden. I’m always in search of beauty, in the most simple and humble things.

Maybe you would like to learn more about me before going to have a look around? Ok, what can I say? For as long as I can remember, I always cook and LOVE food. It’s pretty obvious when we look at olds family pictures, half of them is me stuffing my face with food in a pretty messy way or cooking something, the other part is mostly me crying naked in the bathtub (thanks mom).

I’m a vegetarian for almost three years now and so are the recipes in here. Some of them are also vegan, always seasonal and made with locally sourced products as much as possible. I have a huge sweet tooth so expect lots of baking and sweet stuff. But no matter what who will never find a recipe in here with cilantro or anise, cause If you ask me both of them are evil food created to destroy happiness and joy on earth.

Thank you so much for passing by! Please leave a note if you like, I love receiving messages even if I’m pretty slow to answer them.