Les crêpes soufflées de Jeanne / First post on the blog

My blog is finally online, it took me ages to write this first article. I’ve never been comfortable with words, it’s maybe the reason I started using photography as a way to telling stories, and hopefully, for me, I am more comfortable with a camera that I am with a pen.

It’s been a long time since I think about opening a blog where I can share more with you, more than a picture on Instagram from time to time, “a corner of the world by my design” like once told a very talented lady. A place where I can share with you some of those imperfects moments of everyday life I love so much, those cold Sundays in the crispy cold morning going to fetch fresh croissant, the picnics on the beach, all those little food or not related moments who may seems insignificant at first but becomes so beautiful when you learn to see them.

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